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Would you like to tone up, increase core strength and increase flexibility? Here at GLO, our reformer classes are designed to challenge and strengthen you, aiding a happier mind and a healthier body.

Reformer pilates includes a variety of controlled and gentle movements to help stabilise your muscles and challenge your body.

Reformer is low impact on the body and can be used to help rehabilitate and regain strength when recovering from injuries. Reformer pilates is also pregnancy safe with some modifications from the instructor.

REFORMER CLASSIC - A classic class, focusing on the foundations of Pilates including body awareness, breathing and muscle engagement. Testing your limits, this class has regressions and progressions available. 

REFORMER BEGINNER TO INTERMEDIATE - This class has no balance work, so is suitable for beginners, but will be sure to give a burn.

REFORMER ALIGN - Intermediate level. Think a full body burn with props to intensify the exercise.

REFORMER UNWIND & STRETCHA stretch on the reformer to help lengthen and relax the mind and body.

REFORMER EXPRESS - A 30 minute circuit on the reformer that will get you sweaty.

REFORMER JUMP - A 45 minute HIIT reformer class including jumping, lying on your back and a full body tone. 


Matify is Mat Pilates with a spice. We like to get your GLO on in Matify, using dumbbells, sliders, the pilates circle and ball.

Matify will help you escape the business of life, focusing on your mind, breathe and physical body. It will tone, increase your overall strength and flexibility.

Do not underestimate Matify! You will find muscles burning that you never knew you had.

Suitable for all levels. Not suitable for Pregnancy past 16 weeks.

This class available at both studios.



Sweat is a fun, high intensity class that includes strength and body weighted exercise as well as cardio with vibey tunes.

This class is guaranteed to get your sweaty GLO on.

Please wear runners.

Suitable for all levels. Pregnancy friendly.

ONLY available at Bunbury Studio.



A 30 minute express class using weights, ankle weights and Bala bar's. This class will get you sweaty and will get your muscle's burning.

A mix between, HIIT, Mat Pilates with weights. The perfect workout when you don't have much time. You will leave this class feeling more energised.

Please wear runners.

Suitable for all levels & pregnant clients.

Available at both studios

Barre Tone

Barre originated from a combination of Ballet and Pilates. In this class we focus less on the choreography and more on a leg and booty burn.

Barre Tone will ensure you get a full body work out moving through Mat work and Barre.

Suitable for all levels. Pregnancy friendly.

Kickboxing Practice


Boxilates is an interval training workout including a mix of Boxing and Matwork Pilates.

Boxilates will increase your strength, mobility and will aid weight loss.

This is a class not to be missed! It is FAST, LOUD, HARD WORK & most of all FUN.

Runners & water required.

Suitable for all levels. Pregnancy friendly.

This class ONLY available at Bunbury studio.


FLO by GLO is all about wellbeing, giving yourself some time to connect to your mind, body and breathe. FLO is a combination of Vinyasa & Slow Flow to bring you into the present moment and allow you to disconnect from daily stresses.


This is not your usual Yoga class. Take a moment to be calm.

Suitable for all levels. Not suitable for pregnant clients past 16 weeks.

This class ONLY available at Bunbury studio.




Our running class caters for all levels of fitness. The running includes high intensity and interval running.

Suitable for all levels. Wear running shoes and bring a water bottle.

This class ONLY available at Bunbury studio.

Running Group


BUNBURY STUDIO - 74 Blair Street, Bunbury, WA, 6230

AUSTRALIND STUDIO - 3/1 Mardo Avenue, Australind, 6233 

(Same building as Benesse)


PHONE: 0473 674 394 

(Monday-Friday, 7.30am -11am)

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